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21 Day Journey

Are you ready to transform your life with self supportive practices and deep inquiry?
• daily emails
• weekly group sessions, online or in person
• private Facebook group
• connection, community, support
How it works?
For 21 days you will receive daily emails with self supportive practices.
We will meet 3 times, in person or online, for 1 hour supportive sessions. Online calls are recorded if you are unable to meet.
A safe and sacred journey, fully supported, with me as your guide.
What might happen?
With daily commitment you will establish a daily self supportive practice. The emails include meditations, guidance for self inquiry and personal inspiring shares.
By removing limiting layers and committing to daily practice you can transform your life. Aligning and designing from your hearts deepest desire without limitations of imprints and such.
Who is this for?
Anyone serious about doing “the work”. If you are ready to amp up your internal frequency and design the life you desire, sign up!
I will be fully present the whole journey and you have direct access to me for support.
Investment $333
Payment plans are available, all you have to do is ask for support!
Group sessions at invati juice bar Sept 5, 12, 19 @ 7pm
Online sessions via zoom Sept 12, 19, 26 @ 7pm (these are recorded if you are unable to attend the in person or online sessions)
Additional bonus offering for a 21 day follow up call, will be offered via zoom in October
Sign up HERE
Questions or further inquiry contact Gillian