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Beneath The Surface

Beneath the Surface

From the yogic lens of seeing the body, the physical layer is just one part of how we experience the world around and within us. This workshop will help you to go beyond this, using the Koshas as a guide to expand your awareness into breath, mind, wisdom, and bliss. An opportunity to explore some of the more subtle aspects of what is happening as you practice yoga, our practice will be simple and accessible in nature, incorporating asana, breath work, yoga nidra, and meditation. 

April 6th 2pm-4:30pm  

Investment:  $35

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Led by Kristine,

Kristine has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade. When she took her first training in Spain in 2009 to deepen her understanding of the practice, she had no intentions of teaching. This quickly changed, and practicing and teaching yoga are now hugs parts of her life. Since her first training, Kristine has completed over 2000 hours of additional training, and is certified by the Yoga Alliance at their highest level as a 500hr E-RYT. In addition to teaching classes, Kristine also teaches workshops and teacher trainings where she guides others in how to share the practice of yoga.

While challenging, advanced postures are initially what drew her to the practice, she is now most inspired by how yoga, breath work, and meditation can support a healthy, vibrant life. This has meant slowing down and focusing on integrative, sustainable movements that support you in feeling comfortable and confident in your body. Kristine also has a passion for sharing Restorative Yoga, which is something that initially came as a challenge to her type A, goal oriented mind. When she isn’t teaching, you can find Kristine enjoying being in nature, taking photos, and frequenting the local coffee shops wherever her travels take her.