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Foundation Poses and Breath Work Workshop with Marty

Improving alignment, opening and grounding in your physical practice of yoga is the main topic of this workshop. Linking the asana (poses) to the breath brings more life energy. Asana work provides therapeutic and strengthening benefits to the physical and mental energy. The important functions of the foundational asana such as forward folding, warrior 1 & 2, triangle, wide angle, mountain and up dog will be explored and experienced in a safe and happy environment.

“Pra” is first and “na” is unit of energy and “yama” is work or balanced. Cleaning, calming and balancing the physical and energetic body with breath work will be explored and guided to bring benefits to your yoga practice. In a deeper realm,  Asana and Pranayama represent the 3rd and 4th of the 8 limbs of Raja or Ashtanga Yoga.

Homework provided to support your practice in studio and at home. This workshop is open to all!

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