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Sadhu Prem is a yogi, teacher, artist, singer, songwriter. Hearing his first Sanskrit mantra ignited something deep within his heart. Intuitively his soul knew it was a medicine he was yearning for. He started listening to and singing mantras constantly. He immersed in the yogic teachings, traveled to India and studied with healers, sages and masters. With his musical and creative background, kirtan and mantra naturally became a foundational pillar in his spiritual journey along with meditation and yoga. Through the chants, songs, stories and meditations he spreads a message love, peace, unity & freedom.

Kirtan is on the path of devotional yoga, it’s where we gather to chant the holy names of the Divine and sacred prayers. The music is the container for the medicine of the mantra to work. Connecting and chanting the mantras, mixed with the rhythmic repetition is an effective tool to elevate consciousness. It purifies our hearts and brings us in touch with our true essence, the love dwelling within, our Spirit. The essence of all creation came from sacred sound, the Word was spoken to create the totality of creation. This sacred sound exist within all of us and when we come into contact with it, we can’t help but feel inner peace, freedom and happiness.



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