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Step into a world of relaxation and healing. At Invati Yoga we have three private treatment rooms with specialized practitioners that offer a diverse assortment of physical and mental therapy techniques. All of these programs are provided in our spacious water, air, and earth rooms, designed for relaxation with calming earth tones, soft music, and améo essential oils. Enter the healing rooms to cut out tension and put the spring back in your step at the same time!

Counselling with Lois

Lois is a psychotherapist on the Invati team. She has spent many years sharpening her
skills and presently counsels those regareding anxiety, relationship improvements,
depression, PTSD, complex traumas, and general self improvements.
She is a registered counsellor so extended health care almost always covers the
counselling expenses that she offers.
As a somatic experiencing practitioner and she uses the viewpoint of thr body’s somatic
experience and self-compassion to assist clients in working through their personal
She is passionate about helping clients overcome challenges in their life as well as
consulting counsellors. Lois also offers the class ‘Lowering Anxiety Through Self
Regulation”, a class that uses the latest information of brain neurobiology, including how
trauma changes the brain and effects the body. The effects teach how to lower and
manage anxiety through body awareness techniques as well as psycho-education.
To book a session, or to register for the Lowering Anxiety Through Self Regulation
class contact Lois Hansen at 250-487-0236 or go to www.hansenonline.ca to book a
counselling session.

Pure Life Alignment with Megan (RMT, Myofascial Release, Applied Kinesiology)

Megan is shifting from her professional practice as a Registered Massage Therapist into Energy Kinesiology, Coaching and Radionics.
What could these modalities help you with?

Kinesiology is the use of muscle testing, goal setting and the identification of emotions related to the resistance of attaining the goal. The muscle testing indicates the organs that are out of balance and the system of the body that can be stimulated or sedated to regain balance of the life force flow, offering a clear direction to health and happiness.

Journey Code Coaching is developed in the search for the speediest and most effective ways to consciously clear the blocks from your happy path. Based around asking great questions, this work can bring a person to identify the archetypes they are operating within and the shadow sides of it. It’s through becoming aware of the shadow sides of ourselves that we come more present with our choices. As old habits of resistance/coping/shutting down our brilliance comes to light and dissolves, freeing the energy it took to hold on and allowing a more authentic relaxed and satisfying Youness!

Radionics is electrical health optimization through subatomic frequency harmonization. It measures your vitality of organ systems, glands and nervous system and the vitality of the stressors negatively affecting the flow of your life force. Stressors such as our pandemic state of immobility and interferences such as emotions, immunity, radiation, mold, fungus, bacteria, virus, etc can be harmonized neutralizing the the body’s energy.

Yoga therapy and qigong classes give you the power through a few gentle postures or movements to bring better flow to your body and target any injured or misaligned areas of the physical body. Of course nothing is ever “just physical” so guided awareness to be mindful of allowing emotions and unhelpful thoughts to release with breath is just like the tension from the muscles and connective tissues being released and returned to a healthy tone. Enjoy happy openness and acceptance to your life !!

You are still able to book a Relaxing Qi Massage with Megan too! Giving careful attention to the timing of any vaccinations.

Investment is 120.00 for an hour. Consults are free! She is zoom savvy and can meet with you on a phone or zoom consult to discover how to help you embody your next more harmonious state of being.

The radionics work has different price points starting at 180.00 to have an experience and receive an experiment showing the lowest vitality organs and the highest vitality stressors affecting them followed by a general harmonization of your body without getting specifically into different organs.
The cost of a body harmonization to help the top 5 low organs get cleared of the top 7 stressors is 380.00

For those suffering illness for a longer time have more layers to get through Megan would be working with you for a few weeks. The price at 2200.00 allows her to focus deeply in to the cells and systems requiring harmonization and alignment for your return to more ease and balance in the life force flow.

Many blessings of pure life everybody!

May infinite blessings grace your lives!
Thank you for allowing Megan to be a part of your journey!

Contact Megan directly to book appointments:
[email protected]

Chiropractic Therapy with Dr DJ Wombold

Dr DJ is an evidence-based, Sports Chiropractor. This means that he addresses movement limitations, while using chiropractic manual therapy and exercise to keep you active. Movement is the key to longevity. He will work with you to develop a unique treatment plan to address your needs to increase strength, decrease pain, and build confidence in your body. Dr. DJ’s extensive treatment style ensures that not only are the patient’s physical needs met, but their mental and emotional needs as well. His passion for patient education and positive attitude is evident through each visit. Helping you reach your goals, while his goal remains to teach patients about their body and how to remain as autonomous as possible.

For more information on what Dr. DJ has to offer his clients and to book directly click here: https://djwombold.com
Call: (778) 363-1803

Acupuncture with Chris

Acupuncture and TCM therapies can be both an effective and complimentary treatment to many illnesses and ailments.  CJR Acupuncture sees patients from all walks of life, children to seniors, for health concerns from pain, mental-emotional disorders, fertility/pregnancy, insomnia/sleep problems, digestion, stress, hormonal regulation, skin conditions and all other conditions you would seek the care of a general practitioner (MD) for.  Although Acupuncturists do not act as primary care in British Columbia we are trained to integrate with all other forms of medical therapy and able to detect red flags and refer patients when the signs of serious conditions beyond the scope of our medicine present.

Contact Chris directly to book appointments:

Healing Therapy and Body Painting with Doris

Doris works with people of all ages and life stages, as well as any illness.
With over a thousand remedies from Germany, body paint, plant essences, and essential oils, Doris can offer a very unique mix of tools to work on healing processes, find clarity for life topics, and discover passion, purpose, and self love.

Services offered:
Homeopathic medicine: sessions & remedies/kits
Allergy consultations
Scar treatments
Occupational therapy for child development and parent counseling
Bodypainting for individuals/couples/group
Extensive experience in all topics around motherhood, menopause, and beyond Colour therapy
Tree essences

Please contact Doris directly to book appointments and for any other questions concerning her treatments:

Cel – (778) 821-2136

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