Invati Kelowna Studio

Growth is a part of life.
The desire to expand is a part of our humanness. We’re stoked that we get to expand and embody our intentions, together.
Hi, I’m Kelly, the owner and manager at Invati
I create spaces designed to help you stand in your power. 💥

I’m stoked to share that our little Okanagan studio is growing and our signature brand of Lake Country has come to Kelowna!

I can’t wait to hold space for you to move, breathe, and be well at 1829 Chandler Ave.

All passes purchased at either location will gain you all yoga classes with our experienced and welcoming teachers at both the Lake Country and Kelowna locations.
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Invati is a welcoming space for the Okanagan community that encourages each individual to reach their highest potential. The whole-body experience that we provide supports the mind, body and spirit on a journey to find peace within, as we move together through the inevitable ebbs and flows of life.
“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace within ourselves” 
Dalai Lama

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