Invati Yoga

Tap Out To Tap In

Maui Retreat

January 16-23, 2023

Definition: Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy.  A greeting of love and compassion; also means “to be in the presence of the divinity” or in the presence of (Alo) the “divine breath of life” (Ha).  This retreat has been designed to serve beginner to advanced yogis while we awaken our bodies and minds in a safe, accessible, and supportive manner.  This will be an incredible opportunity to slow down, connect with like-minded individuals, and practice yoga and meditation in one of the most beautiful places on Mother Earth, Maui.

Where:  Maya Yoga Studio, Maui

When: JANUARY 16th – 23rd, 2023

Rate: $700 CANADIAN plus GST per person for daily yoga classes, meditation, pranayama and exploration of some of Kelly’s most favourite places on Maui.  Cost does NOT include accommodation, transportation or meals.

Flights: Flights are not included in the above rate.

Why: Because you’re worth it! This is an opportunity to “fill-up” with health and love, you won’t regret it!

Join us and connect your mind, body, spirit the Aloha way!

January 16 – 7:30-9:30 Opening circle and Yoga On The Inside Relax Deeply
January 17 – 7:30-10:00am Yoga On The Inside, Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation / Optional Baldwin Beach in Paia / 7:30-9:30pm Yoga On The Inside Relax Deeply
January 18 – 7:30-10am Yoga On The Inside, Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation / 10am-noon Optional hike in Bamboo Forest to waterfall  / 7:30-9:30pm Yoga On The Inside Relax Deeply
January 19 – 7:30-10am Vinyasa, Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation / Optional Ho’okena Beach / 7:30-9:30pm Yoga On The Inside Relax Deeply
January 20 – 7:30-10am Yoga On The Inside, Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation / 10am-1pm Optional walk to Dragon’s Teeth Labyrinth for meditation at Makaluapuna Point / 7:30-9:30pm Yoga On The Inside Relax Deeply
January 21 – 7:30-10am Vinyasa, Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation / 7:30-9:30pm Yoga On The Inside Relax Deeply
January 22 – 7:30-10am Yoga On The Inside, Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation / Optional journey to Kehei for shopping, surfing then to Makena Beach for sun and swim, then drum circle at Little Beach for Sunset
January 23 – 7:30-10am Yoga On The Inside, Pranayama, Vinyasa, Chanting and Meditation / 10am Closing circle

*times subject to change, total of approximately 27 hours of yoga


2nd Annual Invati Yoga 
Give and Receive 
Nicaragua Retreat

Cancelled at this time, new dates TBA!


Come experience Nicaragua like you have never experienced it before!



Kelly, Klara and Monty will be your guides for this special retreat of giving and receiving.



Klara and Kelly hosted their last retreat at Monty’s, February 2020. Their hearts were so touched that the decision to make this an annual retreat was decided. A service trip combined with yoga made this retreat above and beyond magical.



“For anyone craving an experience centered on the power of belief, values, and impact – this is it. You will be comfortable, well fed and entertained – but mostly your soul will be enriched. That’s more than a vacation. That’s life changing.”


Monty’s Beach Lodge is owned and operated by Donald Montgomery – a Canadian who has taken “volutourism” to a new level. The work he (and his guests) do to better the community there is phenomenal. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience this type of travel!


The resort itself is on some of the most pristine beaches ever seen – There are 2 yoga decks – surf and sand – horseback riding, volcano hikes, SUP, turtle hatchery (on site), beach volleyball, swimming pool… it’s amazing – and FUN! Monty and his staff are more than just FUN, they are some of the kindest humans you will ever meet…..



 The waves in front of the lodge are great for beginner and intermediate surfers. Even advanced surfers have a lot of fun here. Waves fluctuate year round and depending on tide, swell and wind. If you would like surf lessons, you can sign up upon your arrival. Boards are available at the camp so there is no need to bring one unless you prefer your own.  Boat trips to the sand break (10-minute boat ride) are an additional cost and can be arranged when you arrive. At Monty’s, stay and play, and experience all the warmth of Nicaragua. That experience extends to working with local charities and development groups.


We have many volunteer opportunities for each of us to participate in. Volunteer sites include the English Language Centre/Community Centre Jiquilillo, the Soup kitchen in El Limonal for families at the Chinandega Garbage Dump, the Wildlife Conservation – Turtle Hatchery, the Villa Esperanza Housing Development in Jiquilillo, Community Recreation ‒ Field of Hope, Elementary Schools, Medical Clinic and Outreach for Jiquilillo and Surrounding Villages, and the Vocational School for Jiquilillo and Surrounding Villages.


There will not be any mandatory activities – guest will be welcome to participate in the community service as much or as little as they wish (generally we agree ahead of time how much and what project we want to “get involved” with doing our time there.)


Meals and Accommodations are included – they are modest but more than adequate. There are 3 meals a day served at the lodge. They are fresh and locally sourced with limited options. There are set meal times and the kitchen is closed between meals. There will also be Vegan options available.


Kelly and Klara will co-teach hatha, vinyasa, supported alignment, restorative, pranayama, meditation and chanting.



Depending on single, double, triple occupancy, prices range from $1500-$2000 Canadian plus tax for adults, $500 per child, for 7 days including food and money towards community projects.   We will fund a meal at the ‘garbage dump’ community – it is a half day event and feeds a whole community.  (flights not included)


Singles, couples, families, friends and children are welcome. We want to be completely inclusive for this give and receive experience.



 …fly into Managua – transport pick up to the Lodge – 3 hour drive, flights are reasonable as well – about $700-$1000 CAN. Group transportation will depart Managua Airport on January 29th. The group shuttle will return to the airport on the February 5th for outbound flights. You are welcome to make other flight arrangements. Please note that the retreat price does include ground transportation described above.  If your flights do not correspond to the group shuttle, you’ll be responsible for your own ground transportation to Monty’s. You may also choose to rent a car, as some find it convenient for touring around.  Driving directions to Monty’s, which is about 3 hours North of the Managua airport, will be provided. Complete packages start at $1500 Canadian plus GST and include: –7 nights accommodations at Monty’s Retreat Center – 3 meals/day, breakfasts and dinners prepared by Monty’s staff. – daily yoga and meditation – daily activities – daily community services. What are the accommodations like? Located on the Pacific Ocean in the rural village of Jiquilillo, Monty’s Beach Lodge is rustic, comfortable and laid back. There are different types of accommodationsavailable at the Lodge that includes dorms, ocean-front cabanas or poolside cabanas. Some accommodations are with private bath, while others have shared bath. There is no air-conditioning at the Lodge – public areas are open air and all rooms are equipped with a fan and mosquito net.  There are several outlets in each room – same as in North America. Not included is the cost of your airfare to and from Managua airport, optional tips for the Monty’s staff, surf lessons and any activities, e.g., horseback riding, deep sea fishing, etc. It may be possible to share the cost of a rental car with other participants. Contact Kelly if you are interested in car-sharing, and she will connect interested parties. 




To register, E-transfer your deposit of $1000.00 to:[email protected]Your deposit will reserve your space in the retreat and room location; date of receipt of the deposit will mark your place in line for room choices. The deposit is refundable until October 1st, less a 15% cancellation fee. The full balance is due by November 15th.  No refunds can be made after this time. Credit Card payments can be made by phone or in person to Tara (a 4% processing fee applies).




Please email Kelly with any questions regarding the retreat @ [email protected]


Connect your mind, body and spirit the Pure Vida way as you Give and Receive!

Here is our itinerary subject to change of course!  
Please know all activities are optional!!

Friday January 29th:
*Transport from Managua to Jiquilillo (Monty’s Beach Lodge). This is a 3.5 hour journey. 
Arrive at Monty’s!
Rooming assignments and orientation by Monty, opening circle and supported alignment yoga, free time, welcome dinner. Sunset at 545pm. Dinner around 7pm. Dance lessons after dinner with “Tyra” if our group likes!

Saturday January 30th:
* 7am silent morning with walk on beach and seated meditation, back for morning Yoga 7:45am-9:15
* 9:30am Breakfast
* Surf lessons (tide dependent). We use local boys to help to teach (pay locals by donation for lesson),
* Chill time, lunch at 1pm. After lunch siesta time. We can organize a baseball game with the local kids at our “Field of Hope” if the anyone likes (3-5pm)
* Surf time or beach volleyball/soccer. Possible baby sea turtle release at 530pm.
* Sunset Asana(gentle/restorative)
* Dinner at 7pm.
* Disco night.

Sunday January 31st:
* 6am morning Yoga

*7:30am breakfast
* 8am trip to Chinandega to sponsor a meal at Community of El Limonal (Garbage Dump). 45 minute-drive to market to pick up groceries, then drive to El Limonal (10 min), prepare the meal with local families, cook it while playing with kids/touring the community, serve the meal around 1230pm.
* Eat in town or go back to Monty’s for late lunch. We also have the option of touring the market in Chinandega if the group likes before heading back to Monty’s. Optional afternoon volunteer at Language Center teaching English (2-4pm).
* Chill afternoon with Surf/Volleyball then yoga at sunset. Debrief the day experience after dinner. Special “round-circle” debriefing with everyone.*

Monday February 1:
* 7am silent morning with walk on beach and seated meditation, back for morning Yoga 7:45-9:15
* 9:30AM Breakfast
* Chill morning, surfing, lunch at 1pm.
* Various other optional volunteer opportunities available – individually or as a group
* Sunset yoga, volleyball/soccer.
* Possible baby turtle release at 530pm.
* Dinner at 7pm.

Tuesday February 2:
* 6:30am silent morning with walk on beach and seated meditation, back for morning Yoga 7:15-8am.
* 8:00 am Breakfast
* Some people will want to do the “Sunrise” Paddle Board/Kayak Session in the Mangrove (5-730am) $35pp. * Chill morning, surfing, lunch at 1pm.
* Sunset yoga, volleyball/soccer.
* Possible baby turtle release at 530pm.
* Our group will be “sponsoring” a nest of turtles (included) to help the hatchery!
* Dinner at 7pm.

Wednesday February 3:
* 7am silent morning with walk on beach and seated meditation, back for morning Yoga 7:45-9:15
* 9:30AM Breakfast
* Optional – afternoon Beach clean-up at Padre Ramos Beach.
* Optional Volunteer time at Language Center 2-4pm. Organize a soccer game on beach with local kids or YOGA for local kids on the beach if low tide or another location such as our “garden shala”
* Sunset chill/yoga/surf.
* Dinner at 7pm.
* Karaoke night at Monty’s

Thursday February 4:
* 7am silent morning with walk on beach and seated meditation, back for morning Yoga 7:45-9:15
* 9:30AM Breakfast
* Optional sunrise Paddle Board/Kayak Session (5-7:30am).
* This could also be an optional day (or any other day) for add-on excursions: Deep Sea fishing ($300 divided by people in boat.. max 5), Cerro Negro Volcano Hike/ Sandboarding/Leon ($60 per person minimum 4 people), Consiguina Volcano Hike ($55 per person minimum 4). We could also arrange horse-back riding for minimum 4 people at $25 per person. Optional volunteer work teaching English (2-4pm) at our Vocational School.
* AFTERNOON Yoga/Surf/Volleyball/Soccer. Horseback ride up to dinner (or drive) at sunset. Dinner at restaurant “Al Cielo” a French Restaurant. Bonfire night on the beach?

*Closing circle and discussion of integration, followed up by restorative yoga class.  Farewell dinner.

Friday February 5:
* 7am silent morning with walk on beach and seated meditation, back for morning Yoga 7:45-9:15
* 9:30AM Breakfast
* Last day of retreat. This will be an “open” day depending on the group/ individuals and flight departures. Activities can be pre- planned or spontaneous depending on how everyone is feeling. 

*Afternoon Optional Volunteering teaching English at the Language Center. We also like to organize a “talent show” on one of the last nights at Monty’s. This is usually in the late afternoon around 3pm. The reason being that we showcase our young student dancers in the community, and they go to bed around 7pm. This lasts about 1 hour or so and other guests are welcome to do an act if they like too 🙂

• Suggested items to bring/donations in your bags if you have room. (or pack a separate bag to leave behind): school supplies like pads of paper, nail polish (great for connecting with the kids at the beach or at garbage dump), sports stuff-frisbees, soccer balls, baseball stuff, ball caps, toothbrushes/ paste… 
If you have an extra yoga mat and would like to donate it at the end of the retreat we would appreciate it. The ones at Monty’s get well used – and periodically need to be replaced 🙂 We sometimes do classes with the kids in the community. Also, any new or used yoga clothes we would gladly take for donations to local people as well!
• Optional Volunteer Activities during week (Monday-Friday). We can teach English with the locals during the day. We can also set up any unique volunteer activity the group may want to do. If people have special skills they would like to offer (art, hair dressing, etc) This can be done on an individual or group basis.
• Monty’s Beach Lodge raises money each year to help support their turtle hatchery project and would appreciate any help you may be able to do. Our group will sponsor a nest – but people can individually sponsor a nest in their own name ($50) we will take your information and let you know when your babies are released! You can also paint a sign with your organization or “loved one” on it for the nest!
• Paddle boarding and Kayaking at sunrise can be scheduled for any morning during the week and multiple times. This is an amazing experience and highly recommended. We normally get back to the Lodge around 730am. Cost is $35 per person.
• Notice there are days for “Optional Excursions”. We can change the days to suit the needs of everyone. We may want to do the trip to El Limonal (Garbage Dump) on Monday instead of Tuesday.