Our Practice

We know that conflicts and differences will always exist, however we also know and understand that through supportive and safe relationships within ourselves and within our communities we can learn to respond, rather than react, to the ongoing chaos of everyday life.

Our vision at Invati Yoga is to provide a welcoming space to the Okanagan community that encourages each individual to reach their highest potential. We do so by creating a whole-body experience that supports the mind, body and spirit on the journey to find peace within, as we move together through the inevitable ebbs and flows of life.

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace within ourselves”
– Dalai Lama

Growth is our goal at Invati Yoga – transitioning through each motion reflects the transitions you will experience internally. Life is a series of motions, only you can decide if each step you take is made consciously and with purpose. This is one area of development that invati yoga is focused on, revealing the power behind each action we take.

The benefits of yoga are truly limitless. As we discover a deeper connection with ourselves through mindful breathing and movement, we are able to explore a whole new world around us. With a regular yoga practice, we are preventing ailments later in life, building a strong core and foundation that protects our body. Yoga emboldens both your mental and physical health, allowing you to realize your inner-self, growing by leaps and bounds at each session.

Join us as we pursue a better lifestyle, defined by inner-peace and self-control. We believe in you and together we know you will reach your greatest potential, it all starts here.

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