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COVID 19 – What You Can Expect

As we begin to explore this new territory of cautiously re-opening, below are some precautions Invati will be taking to ensure your safety. These precautions are based on WCB recommendations and Interior Health requirements.
  • Students/Teachers/Staff who have been ill in the past 14 days will not be permitted in the studio
  • Class sizes will ensure proper social distancing (markers in the yoga rooms will show where to put your mat)
  • Online registration is mandatory due to smaller class sizes
  • Doors will open 15 minutes before class
  • Students strongly encouraged to use washrooms at home and arrive at the studio in their yoga attire
  • Students must bring their own mats and props
  • Students will be screened with the following question upon entry, “Do you have any of the following symptoms: coughing, fever, sore throat or difficulty breathing?”
  • No hands on assists by teachers
  • Sanitizing of the studio after every class
  • Spray-sanitizer available at all times
  • No childcare will be available until further restrictions are lifted
  • No shower use until further restrictions are lifted
  • Huge amounts much love and gratitude to see you all!
** Please note these precautions and restrictions are open to change.**

Questions about your Pass?

  • Just as we paused everyone’s memberships upon closure, we will  reinstate them upon re-opening
  • If your punch pass expired before or during our closure please notify us, we will extend the expiry date in our system
  • If you purchased a 4 month or 1 year pass all up front please notify us, we will extend your pass by adding the weeks we were closed
  • As always, if you have any questions or concerns we will do our very best to accommodate your needs
Fire - Heated Room
Energy | Passion | Power | Strength

Enter a warm space that emphasizes the transformative and purifying aspects of yoga. As our primary yoga room, we keep the temperature hovering above 35℃ to invoke a state of detoxification as you sweat away your stress and worries in a safe, nurturing environment. Our Fire Room holds 30 yogis.

Earth - Unheated Room
Creation | Patience | Stability | Wisdom

At a comfortable temperature, our Earth room is used for a variety of activities, from yoga class to group sessions and workshops. Channel your inner-spirit by focusing your senses, maintaining a constant breath to sustain your growth as you blossom like a flower from the Earth. Our Earth Room holds 15 yogis.

Massage Rooms

Water - Healing Room
Change | Dreaming | Peace | Regeneration

Cleansing properties are found in this room. Like a creek flowing by an orchard, our healing room will supply you with the necessary nourishment to reach your full potential. Open yourself up to change, the ebbs and flows of energy within. Let go and receive exactly what you need.

Air - Healing Room
Community | Life | Perception | Knowledge

Be one with the one and only self. Take some time out to do some healing, focusing on your breath as one of Invati’s healers helps you find your way back. Cleansed and purified of all the unsettling build up that you may not have noticed how much it was weighing you down. You’ll be able to get up and fly again!

Spirit - Prana - All Of Us

Not confined to any space, the spirit is ever-present and in a constant state of flux through our everyday actions and reactions in life.

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