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Kelly Craig

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Kelly first realized her passion when she had the opportunity to practice yoga on the beaches of Maui while on a family vacation. From that moment on, Kelly’s interest in yoga took root and began to grow.

Until she moved to Kelowna, Kelly only practiced yoga occasionally. That changed altogether when she took a leap of faith, challenging herself to complete thirty consecutive days of Bikram yoga! She recalls being stunned by the changes she experienced by the end of the month, realizing the power of regular yoga practice, as it applies to all the facets of life.

When she moved to Lake Country, Kelly began training in reflexology, massage, and Reiki, sharing her newfound strengths in healing bodywork at Give Me A Break Day Spa for five years.

In 2015, Kelly took her 500-hour teacher training with Moksha International. During this time, she learned extensively about the diverse elements involved in yoga practice: alignment, anatomy, philosophy, mindfulness, and so much more. This knowledge allowed her to reflect on her past experiences in yoga, weaving together all of her teachings during her journey of growth for her mind, body, and spirit. Following this training, Kelly continued her studies in Nicaragua at the first teacher training for Mocean Yoga in 2016, a 200-hour program. Here she learnt about the power of manifesting and soaking up everything that life has to offer. Kelly recalls her thoughts at the time as she left Nicaragua:

“Life is a journey, a practice, full of lessons, growth and discipline. It was time to focus again on her dream of creating a hOMe studio in Lake Country, to follow through with her greatest manifestation.”

Her dream has always been to bring as much goodness to Lake Country as possible, sharing her many offerings with the community, for all ages, young and old. At Invati she will strive every day to make this a reality!


To book a massage with Kelly, please call 778-480-3335 or email us at [email protected]

Yoga Kelowna | Invati Yoga - The Yoga Studio |
Tara Nakashima

Tara completed her 500-hour Moksha Yoga teaching training in 2011. Her studies continued in Nepal where she attended a Buddhism and meditation course at the Kopan Monastery in India, where she studied Sivananda Yoga. Most recently, Tara was in Ireland for a mediation retreat focusing on Sogyal Rinpoche’s teachings.

Coming from a background in dance, yoga was a natural transition physically. However mentally, the calmness and meditative aspects of yogic practices continue to be an incredible learning experience. Yoga has taught her the value of a balanced mind and body, as it has an impact on all aspects of everyday life.

Tara enjoys spending time in her garden and orchard where she and her partner, Christian, hope to make organic cider someday. She is looking forward to sharing her passion for yoga with as many people as possible at invati yoga, offering a compassionate and personal approach in her teaching and attitude at every session!

Yoga Kelowna | Invati Yoga - The Yoga Studio |
Elise Dunn

“All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.”
– Blaise Pascal

Having studied ballet from a young age, Elise understands the importance of a connected body. Each action must be deliberate and thoughtful, similar in nature to the practice of yoga. Born and raised in Lake Country, she was active in both Summer and Winter sports from a young age, and has continued to follow those passions today.

After completing her 400-hour teacher training, Elise was excited to move back to Lake Country to share her knowledge with the community of Lake Country. Her interest in yoga and meditation is driven by her own daily practices, which she has found to be a huge tool for self-awareness when life might not be at its best. She reminds herself regularly that you can do anything you want, you just can do everything! Taking every opportunity to spend time with her two amazing children, Elise is a proud mom who is eager to educate others as they master their motions and find their spirit through invati yoga.

Yoga Kelowna | Invati Yoga - The Yoga Studio |
Shalanne Wilkison

Born and raised in Kelowna, Shalanne’s love for yoga was a slow burning fire. It started out light when she began exploring a yoga series at the local recreation centre, which smouldered for a few years, until a new spark at a local gym rekindled her curiosity to explore this new-found activity further and pursue the available local teacher training.

Leading her first class during training ignited her passion for working with people who are wanting to connect with themselves and better themselves in the process. Completing her Kripalu Teacher Training and Holistic Health Counseling at Trinity Yoga Center, Shalanne went on to first lead a weekly free class while she found her voice and deepened her exploration of yoga in her body.

Ultimately, being called to teach, Shalanne loves connecting with her students in her weekly classes. Her classes have been known to be stronger than first anticipated but this Yoga Wizard – as one client noted – encourages and allows clients to explore their bodies safely and perhaps to find themselves somewhere they wouldn’t have expected.

Join Shalanne to see if you can find yourself, in a familiar or unique space with a new appreciation. Be open to the experience and see what may come forward.

Carly Barron

Carly Barron is a 500hr Certified Yoga Instructor residing in Kelowna, British Columbia. She began her journey with yoga 6 years ago as a University student, feeling quite lost, alone and in need of some outlet for her stresses as a student. At that time, she had no way of knowing just how much yoga would totally change her life and lead her to so many incredible people and magical opportunities.
With yoga in Carly’s life she found self-love, awareness and the power to live her life in a way that serves HER. It has given her the courage to step out of her comfort zone and let go of all self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Carly learned to embrace her truth and that is: “I AM WORTHY. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of happiness.”
Carly believes that her purpose in teaching yoga is to provide you the space to realize that you are too. With Carly, you will learn to love yourself deeper, radiate bigger and courageously live the life that you want to lead.

Gillian Gerylo

LOVES : nature, belly laughs, traveling, deep meaningful dialogue, cuddles, morning meditations, Bailey (her Boston Terrier), Brian (her latte machine;), community, connection, sharing her journey, shining brightly, and exploring living in alignment with her truths & ideals.

PASSION & PURPOSE: to hold space for her students and clients, to support and ignite the deeper juicy and delicious self inquiry (through physical movement, awareness of emotions and cognitive patterns) that can create the opportunity to live life BIGGER, in alignment with highest truths.  Her deepest DESIRE is to INSPIRE, to witness her students Shining Brightly! She often reminds her students that EVERYTHING & ANYTHING is possible. After her most recent travels to Bali she is walking her talk, she retired from her office job that was no longer serving and is courageously showing up fully for herself, creating a life with deep meaning. Are you ready to courageously explore and live FULLY?

Gillian has been practicing yoga since 2007. Since 2012 she has completed 300 hours of yoga training. She has also trained in Acupressure, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Indian Head Massage and Kansa Vatki Foot Massage.  She is A Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator, offering one on one coaching and group workshops.

Michael Shehner

Mike is a pioneer and serial entrepreneur in many innovative fields, growing start ups from inception and execution to unparalleled international heights.

Mike is a life long martial artist, and is a devotee to Jnana Yoga (the branch of yoga related to the inquiry into the mind and wisdom) Mike holds an MBA in Marketing and and a post graduate degree in Metaphysics, is a Reiki Master, Yoga Alliance recognized 500 hour yoga teaching certificate, with designations, diplomas and certifications in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Therapeutic Life Coaching, and more.

Mike is a life long truth seeker and student of the ancient mystery schools, philosophy and theology.

Mike sits on several corporate boards, and operates a business in the natural nutritional health supplement sector, consults for business, and mentors individuals for life success and manifestation.

“Nurturing talent and ambition, finding the glowing gem at the core of beautiful, ambitious people and warming it into life is one of my great passions.

What turns me on are people whose hearts are deep and loving and who dream big – and will do anything to see their visions come to life.”

Carly Fairles

Carly first became interested in yoga almost ten years ago, and like many people, she was drawn to the physical practice. Having been a high level athlete all of her life, she hoped that yoga would help to preserve her body so that she could continue being active. However, Carly quickly realized that yoga is so much more than just a physical practice. By connecting breath with movement, she discovered the ability to turn down the radio station of her noisy mind and experience a world that was free from self-talk and outside distraction. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoganand Michael Carroll at the Kripalu Centre in Boston, and continues to grow her teaching and personal practice daily. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from McMaster University, which allows her to teach with a focus on integrity, alignment and safety of both body and mind.


Carly believes that each practice is a lesson, a shift and a transformation, and a mirror for life both on and off the mat. Yoga, as a practice and a lifestyle, is so central to who she is, and she feels privileged to be able to share the gift of yoga with others. She looks forward to greeting the invati community on their mats!

Alanna Grant

Alanna is a holistic nutritionist with a passion for educating and empowering individuals to take control of their health and create long-term, sustainable change. Her philosophy is centered in the belief that proper nutrition and lifestyle are essential in achieving true health and happiness. She works with clients to determine their health goals, interpret their symptoms, and design individualized diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations based on each person’s unique needs.

Her main interest is in supporting healthy digestion, as many of today’s health concerns are rooted in an imbalanced digestive system. She also focuses on helping people create healthy habits and cultivate mindful eating and self care practices.

Alanna received her diploma of holistic nutrition and graduated with honours from Pacific Rim College, the most comprehensive on-site holistic nutrition program in Canada. She studied for 3 years and completed 360 hours in the college clinic where she developed her love for educating and helping others. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP) and is certified as a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner (NNCP).

You can find Alanna in the juice bar a few times a week sharing her knowledge with us all.

Yoga Kelowna | Invati Yoga - The Yoga Studio |
Megan Gerace

Megan is excited to teach Yin yoga and provide healing work at Invati Yoga!
 Being so grateful for her early days growing up in Lake County, she is happy to live here and offer her skills to the community.

Celebrating 21 years as an RMT, CranioSacral Therapist, Light Worker and Freer of Fascia and Qi Flow, Megan now steps into her role of teaching Yin yoga as a way to continue to be of service to her clients. She believes in helping each of them to retrain their nervous system through conscious movement in order to find a fresh harmonious relationship with their body.

On the mat, her intention is to offer ways to compassionately communicate with all tissues and levels of your being, and to have a discourse of peace between the breath, body, mind, and spirit.

On the treatment table, she offers her grounded intention to bring ease to tissues in protective contractions whether freshly injured or chronically engaged. Massage, Fascial Release and Acupressure techniques assist you into a stress-free place in body and mind, allowing you to reset and shift into more freedom and alignment with life.

Megan also offers Medical Qigong Sessions for a deeper inquiry into the aspects of recurring symptoms of disease.

If you’re interested in experiencing a session with Megan please contact her at [email protected] or through her website www.qiforallwellness.ca.

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Elysha Gagne

Elysha aka “HoopELuv” is a certified fitness instructor who is skilled in a variety of movement arts, the hula hoop being her speciality!

She began her love of movement with dance and competitive cheerleading at a young age. Once she discovered how to combine love of dance and movement with a hula hoop, her passion was ignited!
Since 2015, Elysha has been doing workshops and training with world renowned hoop teachers to perfect her skill and teaching abilities.
Elysha has spent the past few years teaching and performing at various festivals in British Columbia and Alberta.  Also, teaching at circus retreats abroad in Central America.
Elysha enjoys performing with both LED and Fire Hoop and Fans, but her true passion is sharing and teaching the love of movement and dance!  What it does not only for your body, but for your heart and soul <3
You will find Elysha at Invati sharing her offerings of Hoop Workshops, Kids Yoga as well as Singing Bowl Meditation Workshops.
Megan Clyne

“The more I travel this path, the more I trust the process. The more I trust the process, the more life’s gifts and mysteries reveal themselves.”

Megan’s journey with yoga has been a beautiful dance of will and surrender. Yoga found her when she needed it most. In 2006 Megan found herself needing a safe and sacred place to unwind, quiet the mind and become present in her body. Her interest and curiosity for the practice led her to a career with lululemon. She had the privilege of working for lululemon for 10 years. During this time Megan was able to explore her yoga journey. Her career provided the opportunity to experience all different styles of yoga, as well as a variety of studios in the Okanagan. Building connections with world renowned yoga instructors, as well as many talented local instructors. In 2011 embarking on her own adventure into the yoga world allowed her to complete a 200 hour Kripalu yoga teacher training. The admiration and respect for the practice grew during this experience and there began a life long love affair. Yoga provided the tools to move through life with much grace and ease.
In 2015 Megan was blessed with her greatest gift, her son Cameron. Her transition into motherhood was beautiful and challenging. Finding herself pulled to her practice more than ever, leaning heavily on the tools that she had cultivated within. Since the birth of Cameron, her passion rests in the desire to encourage other mamas, gently guiding women to strengthen and develop their own inner wisdom, power and grace to carry them through mamahood. Megan’s classes are rooted in compassion and safe gentle postures. She strives to offer a deep presence, intuitive knowing, open heart and accepting mind.
You will find Megan sharing her offerings at Invati in the Prenatal classes.
Katie Fairles
Michale Hartte

Michale Hartte, BASc (Nutr), NNCP, CH is the Natural Health Care Practitioner that is the backbone to ‘Fit n Healthy Nutritional Consulting’. Her 25 years of extensive training in the field of Natural Health and Exercise Performance has given her the knowledge and experience to create Comprehensive Nutritional Plans that really work.

Her plans include; The Fit n Healthy mindset, diet, detox (when needed), exercise and lifestyle. Michale has a particular interest in optimal body composition, anti-aging, exercise, foraging for wild edible plants, and the use of natural remedies for common ailments.

She believes the body has an innate intelligence to heal any health condition and that our body is governed by Natural Laws which hold the answers to lifelong health, wellness, and vitality.

  • Certified Fitness Trainer through the ISSA
  • Registered Nutritional Therapist with the CANNP
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science specializing in Nutrition from Ontario’s Edison Institute of Nutrition
  • Chartered Herbalist through Vancouver’s Dominion Herbal College
  • Certified Biotherapeutic Drainage Practitioner TM through Seroyal
  • Written for many popular health publications including: Okanagan Health & Wellness Magazine, Canada’s Alive Health Magazine, and Blush Magazine.
  • Creator of the nutritional plan in Bob Proctor’s ‘The Science of Perfect Weight – A New Way of Thinking, Eating, and Living to Achieve Your Perfect Weight”
  • Author of “The Fit n’ Healthy Plan – The healthy diet & lifestyle plan made easy!”
  • Author of “The Fit n’ Healthy Pregnancy Guide” (in the works)

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