Class Type

Ying/yang, flow, vinyasa, power flow, hatha, yin, pre-natal, mom/baby yoga, hot yoga

Heated Yoga

We practice hot yoga, keeping the temperature in the high thirties, and the humidity between forty and sixty percent. Practicing yoga in a heated environment stimulates the body, increasing heart rate and flexibility as you go through the motions. Hot yoga encourages intensity in your movements; this is our power room, hosting groups of up to 31 people per class.

Unheated Yoga

Unwind tense muscles, stretching each layer of muscular tissue through a variety of poses and exercises. Unheated yoga allows for a focused mind, often creating a meditative experience depending on the style of yoga being practiced. Classes can be up to 17 people in size.


A slow-paced style, where positions are held for an extended period of time. This yoga style stretches the deep connective tissues, which account for roughly fifty percent of the body’s resistance to flexibility.


A combination of traditional yoga asanas (yoga positions) and pranayama (breathing exercises). A balanced approach to yoga, Hatha works several areas of the body through each session.


By relaxing the body, you can sink deeper into a stretch while also restoring your body’s calm energies. This style will leave you feeling restful and reinvigorated.


Flexibility is the goal here, utilizing breathing exercises to reach further and stretch more than ever before. Awareness of your breath and its role for your body will be greatly developed through flow yoga.

Power Flow

While similar to flow yoga, power flow is focused on building strength, with positions that force your muscles to work, then holding them for extended periods. The breath is vital to maintaining a proper pose, so that will be your guide in each stance.

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